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      We all know the “ELEPHANT” as a gigantic animal that shakes the wood when moving. A baby elephant weighs about 200 pounds and so elephant make much impact while walking.  This gigantic creature  can be killed by the tiny ant. So it is the story of fake travel agent in the travel industry.

      If one of the following has ever happened to you in the past or presently, learn from your mistakes and be vigilant.

      • Have you ever lost your money while trying to travel to developed countries like USA, CHINA, FRANCE, and UK?
      • Have you been issued travel document (visa) that failed to get you a pass into the country at the point of arrival?
      • Ever encountered those travel agents that failed to deliver after upfront payment?
      • Has your hope ever been shattered and money stolen all because you want to relocate to countries like CANADA, AUSTRIALIA USA and lots more…

      If yes, well there are tendencies that you will still lose more money to fake travel agents unless you learn to identify ways to detect what or how they are:

      Here are five (5) tips to detect fake travel agents/agencies…

      Cheap offer / Freebies.

      Yes! we all like “awoof” but do not forget it purges. Fake travel agents capitalise on this because they know we all love freebies. If it looks so good to be true, please run.

      No physical office

      Many people has fall victim of online scams. It is advisable to verify the existence of the office than trusting an online web portal with thousands of promises and testimonial. Don’t be deceived, visit  the office without prior information. Just give a surprise to get what you want.

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      No proof to show

      A genuine travel agent must have proof of establishment  to show. This is gotten from their years of experience. Therefore, check well for the company’s registration number, brochures, certificates, license  and even reviews . Get proof  and be convinced enough before making monetary commitment.

      Beware of Shortcuts

      Say ‘No’ to shortcuts. Avoid agents or travel agencies telling you what to wear when travelling. This is an  act to deceive immigration officers. They will tell you that others are doing it. Beware, disagree.

      Make Research

      Most people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. Don’t be lazy, make research, read and ask questions.  Make sure you check out all the policies, terms and conditions carefully before signing up or booking.

      Be smart next time! Don’t  lost your hard earned money to fake travel agents or agencies.

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      If you meet the basic requirement(s) we can assist you with getting free tuition schools overseas. SiSA can guarantee your admission or refund back your money so you have absolutely nothing to lose but everything to gain with SiSA Money Back Guarantees. For assistance, please email studyabroad@sisatravels.com or call/whatsapp 09060000341 today with your questions.

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