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      and Lagos + Abuja, Nigeria
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      Book Your Seats to attend SiSA's Travels & Tours Semina for ₦5,000 (Per Person)
      yes You Too Can Work and Live Abroad with SiSATravels.com

      Migrate Abroad through Work or Studies

      Every Nigerian loves to travel abroad for various reasons. Most people go for personal, religious, educational, emotional, mental, or spiritual or even adventurous reasons. We can all agree that there’s gotta be much more to just traveling the world for tourism, study, work or business. At these seminars, we try to address some of the challenges confronting the Nigerian Migrant in accessing numerous opportunities available overseas, for studies and work.

      One key thing we try to do at our seminars is to try to address the ‘Big Elephant in the hood‘, which is – in our little way – improve the damaged reputation of Nigerians abroad – with the next group of Nigerians traveling abroad – as this is continuously making it difficult to access jobs. The world agrees that Nigerians are highly skilled and very capable-hardworking employees, however for avoidable mistakes, they lose good opportunities to other African nationals.

      Seminars are on Saturdays (otherwise indicated) and there are 4 sessions (2hours each) 10am-12pm, 12pm-2pm, 2pm-4pm and 4pm-6pm respectively. If you are interested in attending any of these sessions presently holding in Lagos and Abuja (for now), simply book your seats by filling the appropriate form. To sms booking, please text your name, email address, preferred session via text to 09060000443 for Lagos or 09060000441 for Abuja.

      Interested in a one-on-one session with our travel consultants? Great – that’s N15,000 in Lagos or N25,000 in Abuja > you choose the date, time + location.

      10 Key Highlights of SiSA Saturday Seminars:

      (1.) Over 25 Visa-Free Countries for Nigerians (2.) The Basic Requirements for Working or Studying Abroad (3.) How To Get A Job that covers your Visa + Accommodation + Flight + Feeding + Transportation + Health Insurance + and more. (4.) Highest Paying Countries hiring migrant workers. (5.) Affordable Countries for Studies with 100% Tuition Fees (6.) Countries with the fastest processing from 1-3week. (7.) All attendees enjoy upto 10% Off Discounts Off Select Packages. (8.) Discover your eligibility to study or work abroad (9.) How to risk absolutely nothing with SiSATravels Money Back Guarantees (10.) How to travel abroad without spending your own money through referral systems.

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