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      From Nigeria to Canada: Easy steps to apply for Canadian visa from Nigeria


       Get your Canadian Visa which gives you the access to study and work. Over 30 slots available, Apply Now!

      Have you always wanted to work in one of the world leading destinations for tourism, sports, business and education? Ever wondered how your friends migrate to Canada all of a sudden without stress? Or you are afraid of denial? Yes! Now you too can get a  visa to study and even work in Canada. On a daily basis, we receive job vacancies from various companies in Canada for migrant workers. We’ve created various Canadian work and study packages and will be providing detailed information on the differences in this blog.

      Remember that if you have any questions, please leave a comment below and ensure to subscribe to our blog for updates on the latest offers from Canada and other countries.

      Study Abroad Made Easier

      For more countries available, visit the study abroad page at sisatravels.com/apply and for assistance with any of the study visa packages available, you can email studyabroad@sisatravels.com or call/whatsapp 09060000341.

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      The Basic Requirements for signing up for the Canadian Work and study Packages:
      • O’level result with at least 5 credit
      • A Valid international Passport.
      • 2 Photo passports with white background
      • Primary school leaving testimonial
      • Resume/CV
      1. First, you need to signup for your  Canadian Study and  Work Package by filling the form on this page or simply go to sisatravels.com/work-abroad. Then check your email within the hour for a confirmation email and guide. If you have any questions reply the email.
      2. Next is to, drop or send clearly scanned copies of the above listed required documents to studyabroad@sisatravels.com
      3. Then, refer to your email for guide on the required upfront to pay your required upfront to process your Canada Study and work  Package. The processing takes 5-7months. Once your visa is out, you are required to travel within 1month. We can assist you in procuring the cheapest flight fares.


      Migrant Workers Needed Apply for Job Vacancies Overseas to Work Abroad
      Canada Study and  Work Packages On SiSATravels.com:
      1. Canada O1 Package:This package comes with a 4year (or more) job contract, Accommodation, and 4years work permit for 1 applicant. Yes 2persons (a couple) can signup however they would be treated as 2separate applicants as there are not provision for couples or families. We advise that you signup online at sisatravels.com/work-abroad for the Canada O1 package for more information.
      2.  Canada O2 Package:This package comes with a student visa which you can work part-time with.We advise that you signup online at sisatravels.com/apply for the Canada O2 package for more information.

      For more information and general inquiries regarding the Canada Work and study  Packages available, please call/chat with 09060000341 or 08160640003.

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      Study abroad with SiSA

      SiSATravels is well positioned to provide you with everything you need to make settling in Canada for studies easy for you. From your college application, admission processing, medical aid insurance, TOEFL, student visa/study permit procurement, student accommodation plus so much more to ensure a pleasant experience.

      if you meet the basic requirement, SiSA can guarantee your admission or refund back your money so you have absolutely nothing to lose but everything to gain. Go fill your online application form Now!



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