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      Exotic Vacation destinations Nigerians can take without visa stress

      Exotic Vacation destinations Nigerians can take without visa stress

      Check out the list of countries you can explore their beauty without Visa Palava.

      Sometimes, I feel terrible because of  the stress I undergo as a Nigerian before getting my passport stamped. Do you know that one of the requirements to get Greece’s visa as a single applicant is certificate of Celibacy? Can you just imagine that? Just because I’m single.

      Getting the Nigerian passport stamped is hell even if you have thirty billion in your account. You can be denied after all your prayer and fasting. The whole visa processing to some countries is a daunting task because most embassies make Nigerians feel like  they don’t want us in the country.  From the queues at embassies  to those at Visa application centers.

      Therefore, it’s high time you forgot the Paris, Germany, Hawaii, Mykonos or SriLanka because there are  places a Nigerian can visit  without visiting the embassy to apply for visa. All needed is  just pack your luggage and jet off to the perfect island where your mind get refreshed and relaxed.

      If you are looking for a place where you can snap your ‘pepper dem gang’ pictures to make those on your snap chat, Instagram and village people scatter their meeting, here are 7 exotic vacation destinations you can go as a Nigerian without the visa stress.  These places are the perfect  vacation getaway with natural beauty, breath-taking seascapes where you can indulge in exciting activities.

      travel and tour Seychelles with sisatravels.com - your Nigerian travel agent


      Seychelles is home to some of the Africa’s best beaches which offers visitors opportunities to sweet vacation. At Seychelles, visitors have a chance to enjoy the world of enthrallment and charm from scenic beaches with tropical charms to delicious seafood. Nigerians are granted visitor’s permit for 30 days in Seychelles.

      Comoros Island

      Comoros is the perfect uncrowded place to enjoy the perfect moment especially with your significant other. The Island is undeniably stunning and there are a lot of things to do and see there. Nigerians are granted visa at the point of entry.


      Fiji Island

      You can stay on this island for 4 months as a Nigerian. The island has a calm atmosphere and moderate climate all year round. An exotic vacation to Fiji island is definitely worth it.


      For the budget travelers, Cotonou is the place. Explore Cotonou’s life at night, stay in the exotic beach houses and enjoy the rich seafood. Cotonou is an ideal place for an unforgettable vacation on a budget. You get quality things at very cheap rate. Nigerians can stamp their passport at the point of entry.


      Zanzibar is full of amazingly beautiful beaches and luxury resorts. The destination is one of the most beautiful island in Africa. Visitors get to enjoy the wide variety of adventure and activities the island offers. As a Nigerian, you can visit Zanzibar for 90 days and visa can be acquired at the point of entry. Enjoy the natural scenery of forest and the beautiful coastline of Zanzibar.

      The Gambia

      The beauty of Gambia attracts thousands of visitors yearly and it always leaves an eternal imprint  on the memory of  those that visit. The Gambia a Visa free destination for Nigerians.


      Mombasa gives you that exact feeling and pleasure you derive in Hawaii and Bahamas. The destination offers an unforgettable vacation for families, lovers  and honeymooners.  Just like Zanzibar, Nigerians can visit Mombasa for 90 days and visa can be acquired at the point of entry.

      These destinations are filled with all needed to get an unforgettable holiday. Just park your bag and get on the plane

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