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      Become an Affiliate


      Becoming SiSA Travels & Tours Affiliate Agent is actually the easiest part – almost as easy as getting paid instantly ;). The best part is that anyone can become an affiliate agent – NO Special Requirements of any kind. All you need is “the interest to earn” extra bucks. That said, you are required to signup as an affiliate by filling out the form. This would enable us have your records so as to maximize opportunities for increasing your conversion rates as well as pay you instantly your referred lead pays.

      Affiliate Support: 08160640003 or affiliates@sisatravels.com.


      The benefits of becoming an affiliate with SiSA Travels and Tours are numerous. The 10 key benefits are (1.) instant earnings (2.) commission is 5% per paid referred client (3.) multiple earning opportunities (4.) auto-referral systems where we use your Email and GSM database without saying a word to anyone (5.) special discounts for affiliates on personal travel packages (6.) unlimited earning potentials (7.) host your seminars, we’ll facilitate them (8.) 50% discount off SiSATravels seminars around the country (9.) state partnership possibilities for affiliates with an operating business presence (10.) affiliate reward system and award recognition programs.

      SiSA Travels and Tours Affiliate

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      Partner With SiSATravels 🙂

      Are you a registered travel agent/agency looking to expand your earnings and clientele? An a partner agent, you benefit much more than an affiliate. All you need is what you have – SignUp today as a partner and start earning immediately with MarkUp Options.
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